Needs Assessment: General Neurologists' Knowledge of and Approach to Managing Patients with Migraine and Cluster Headaches

In November of 2019, Efficient conducted a survey of 56 community neurologists to assess current practice patterns and relative knowledge of new and emerging agents. Special focus was given to indications and use for novel abortive and preventive agents to capture in depth information regarding modern therapies and treatment strategies. Results demonstrate substantial educational gaps in diagnosis and management of this patient population. This needs assessment is divided into the following sections: 

Section 1: Differential Diagnosis and Indications for Preventive Therapy
Section 2: Knowledge and Sequential Use of Migraine Preventive Therapy
Section 3: Subsequent Preventive Treatment Selection
Section 4: Cluster Headache
Section 5: Duration of Therapy and Medication Adherence
Section 6: Novel Migraine Abortive Therapy
Section 7: Emerging and Alternative Medications
Section 8: Barriers to Medication Access
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