Needs Assessments: New Agents and Strategies in Parkinson’s Disease

In January 2020, Efficient distributed a survey to ascertain current practice patterns and knowledge of neurologists that manage but do not subspecialize in the care of movement disorders. In particular, the survey was designed to evaluate neurologists’ approach to the assessment and management of patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) experiencing “off episodes” as well as their use and/or knowledge of recently approved or late-stage investigational agents for this indication. Survey topics include:
1. Recognition and Management of Patients with PD Experiencing “Off Episodes”
2. General Management of Younger and Older/Comorbid Patients Requiring Adjunctive PD Therapy
3. New Agents and Strategies (safinamide, CVT-301, istradefylline, amantadine immediate and extended release, opicapone)
4. Management of Patients with Progressive PD that Cannot be Controlled on Conventional Therapy (C/L enteral suspension, apomorphine)
5. Use of Pimavanserin
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